Rockin’ Down the Highway

Cover of a Time-Life compilation CD

Cover of a Time-Life compilation CD

“On this moonlit night out on U.S 82
I hear that train is just a callin’ out
The way a little girl like to do”

– Georgia Satellites, “Railroad Steel”

“We’ve fought and died for our fellow man
It’s time to draw the line;
We’re not allowed in the far left lane of I-459;
So now you see the light;
Stand up for your rights.”

– Bob Marley, “Get Up, Stand Up”

I like music, and I like roads; so it’s no surprise I’m a fan of songs that mention roads. Here in the South, roads are the threads that tie us together. No surprise that Time-Life books chose a highway motif for the album cover of a compilation of Southern rock songs. (First track is, naturally, “Sweet Home Alabama.”)

My favorite Southern rock band? Not Skynyrd, or even Alabama; but the Dixie Dregs with Steve Morse. You’ve all probably heard exactly one song by them: Take it off the Top. Kind of like Clapton, Skynyrd, Jeff Beck and Yes rolled into one. Little Feat’s Texas Twister comes close, but that’s one song.

I saw them at Cooley’s in downtown Birmingham in 1981, before that club moved to Rocky Ridge (yes, I know this makes me an old fart.) That show was freaking awesome.

Back on topic, the Dregs have no songs about roads, though. There is a definitive list of road songs online, and believe it or not, it’s at the FHWA site.

Can you spell “roadgee[c]k” without “rock”? I suppose so; but why would you want to?


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