You know who else wasn’t liked?

Vientology is blowing up on misc.transport.road!

Jason Pawloski: I keep seeing the word “viatology” on this newsgroup but I never see a definition, and I’m curious to learn more about it. Does anyone have a rigorous definition of what viatology is and perhaps link for me a website with more information? Thanks.

“outend”: Complete list of Calrogs’ useful contributions on the topic of roads worldwide: This page intentionally left blank.

I’m normally not going to get involved in the “MTR” reality show; one reason I lurk there, but don’t post. But the fact that a guy is annoying is no reason to deny his rightful accomplishments.

Yes, Carl Rogers can be abrasive sometimes; and vain, pompous, hardheaded and sockpuppety (another word, like vientology, that spell checkers have not caught up with).

But think about it. They jeered Nikola Tesla. They vilified Henry Ford. They crucified Jesus.

Put personality differences aside, and there is an undeniable pattern of pioneering vientology work from Mr. Rogers. Let’s take a look:


This is the 360-degree virtual reality presentation of a stretch of highway. All 5 senses are telling you you’re on the road, while your inner ear says you’re sitting on the couch. It is so immersive that people with delicate stomachs have felt nauseous while looking at Carl Rogers’ WHL-360s.

A site visitor is captivated by a WHL-360 at

A site visitor is captivated by a WHL-360 at

Operation Coordinates

Don't be a website WallyI hate looking at a photo and not knowing exactly where it is. But at, Not only are the photos placed in context, but Carl Rogers gave us all daily progress reports. That’s the kind of employee you want to have reporting to you. Not the guy who hides in his cube and give you no updates until it’s done (or the deadline passes).

Operation Emboss

It’s a widespread problem: you go to all the trouble of taking the photo (or having someone email it to you), and then someone else hotlinks it, stealing your bandwidth and your Alexa ranking. What do you do?

Most people have Apache serve up something else:

RewriteCond    %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://wwtl\.com [NC]
RewriteRule    \.(gif|jpe?g|png)$ penis.jpg [F,NC,L]

A better way is to emboss photos with a watermark, Start off with your original photo, which someone may be tempted to hotlink:

Unembossed photo, New Jersey

Unembossed photo, New Jersey

By adding a subtle watermark, you can enhance your branding and discourage someone from trying to take credit for your work:

Embossed photo, New Jersey

Embossed photo, New Jersey

Green Viatology

Sometimes the best roadtrip is the one not taken. Actually, I don’t agree with this one so much, and this innovation is the one that reminds you the most that Carl Rogers lives in California. Still, he came up with the idea.

Other Languages

¿Quiere leer sobre rutos en los otros lenguas? Con Carlos, ¡usted es en el suerte!


This is where you can get updates before anyone in the general public. It’s very exclusive. To sign up for RSS, you just need to click a button on your browser. It’s open to the general public.

Aiming high

In many ways, is said to surpass Google Maps.

Ironically, created with Google Charts API

Ironically, created with Google Charts API

‘S’ roads

These are roads that have curves in them. Carl Rogers coined the term.

Dragging and resizing photos

I always want to do this, especially in porn sites, and almost no site lets me.

Web 2.0 is at the forefront of Web 2.0.

Operation Animation

This early innovation made analog hyperlinks change color when you hovered over them.

green v.
other languages
better than google (/maps)
virtual coordinates
S roads
drag and resize photos
web 2.0
operation animation color coding analog hyperlinks

I’ll step off my soapbox now. If you take an honest, unbiased look, the facts speak for themselves. is a pioneer in vientology.


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2 Responses to “You know who else wasn’t liked?”

  1. Randal Says:

    I don’t care. His douchebaggery more than wipes out anything positive he’s done.

  2. Carl's jism-filled mouth Says:

    you’re joking … right?

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