Congratulations Pens

Since Birmingham is the Pittsburgh of the South, I’ve often halfheartedly rooted for the Penguins of the Pittsburgh of the North. Congrats to them for winning 4 out of the last 5 to unseat Detroit. If you didn’t think that was a done deal after game 2, you’re lying.

Expect sports fans in the Burgh to be insufferable for a while, considering the Stillers are defending NFL champs, and they have Carnegie-Mellon, and I-376 was recently extended, and the city was rated #1 most livable in the US a while back.

Now I realize I have an accent, because I don’t sound like the Midwesterners and Californians that are allowed on TV. A bit of a Southern accent, some might say. But I’ve been to Pittsburgh, and the Iron City has a bit of a twang, too. It’s like the Midwest and the South start in that city, linguistically. If a trip there is in your future, check out where many of their unique idioms (“gum band”, “needs fixed”) are deciphered.

As for the Lakers: I’m not a Laker fan at all, and I guess I’m not an NBA fan either, since I was nonetheless rooting for the Lakers to sweep, for a quicker end. At long last, that death march of a season is finally over.


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2 Responses to “Congratulations Pens”

  1. alonzo21 Says:

    Don’t hate on the Lakers just because your team didn’t make the playoffs ERRR isn’t in the NBA at all

  2. Dylan Says:

    I thought it said Congrautlations Penis

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