WHL-360s in depth

Every time I show off a WHL-360 from Carl Rogers’ wwtl.com, people ask “How in the hell did he do that?”

Often the word they use is “Why”, but they really mean “How”.

WHL-360 is a proprietary, immersive, virtual reality 3-D rendering technology from wwtl.com. Instead of a photo, you have a 360-degree panorama that makes it look like you’re really there.

See US 89 in St. George Utah for an example.

Here’s how it’s done. First, run your photo through an  FFT with appropriate Nyquist ratio. Then, take the inner product of its finite elements:

Kronecker Product, in the context of WHL-360

Kronecker Product, in the context of WHL-360

Then reconstitute it and package in a QuickTime codec. Sounds easier than it really is!

For user without Quicktime, there is an open source version called VH-360 (Virtual Highway 360) – see vh360.sourceforge.com. This way you can still enjoy wwtl.com on your Windows Mobile device.

Let’s start with a watermarked photo from Carl Rogers:

Watermarked NJ Highway photo

Watermarked NJ Highway photo

Then apply the VH-360 transformation. The result is of course not as mind-blowing as WHL-360, but you can still see the general effect:

NJ photo in WHL-180!

NJ photo in VH-360!

Cool. However, the watermark is illegible. No problem, just re-watermark it:

WHL-180 photo, with new embossed watermark

VH-360 photo, with new embossed watermark

That’s pretty sharp-looking, for an amateur effort. To see the real thing, go to wwtl.com.


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3 Responses to “WHL-360s in depth”

  1. ashok Says:

    i tried building this on ubuntu but i’m getting “checking for Qt… configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.3) (library qt-mt) not found. Please check your installation!” can u send me a binary?

  2. Robert Chin Says:

    Ashok, try #DEFINE NO_X11 at the top of wh_buffer.c. Worked for me in Fedora 5 but YMMV. If still running into problems, run gcc –version and post that.

    Robert Chin

  3. ashok Says:

    THanx, now it is working fine.

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