More like CalWrong, am i rite?

The newest thing at

Construction of a flyover ramp, between eastbound California State Route 92 and northbound Interstate 880, has completed. Traffic in Hayward may now merge more smoothly w/ the mainline Interstate, as opposed to usage of a single-lane cloverleaf ramp that existed for decades prior…

I’ve never been there, but I found a CalTrans page with a good explanation of the 92/880 project, with aerial before and after shots.

So it looks like has a pretty good scoop here: a new milestone in this important project.

Leave it to Timothy J. Lee to throw cold water on it:

Only a portion of the flyover is open, as a bypass of the straight through eastbound 92 overpass that is apparently being removed. Eastbound 92 to northbound 880 traffic must still use a cloverleaf ramp. The part of the flyover that actually flys over the 92 overpass on the way to northbound 880 is not built yet.

So wait: everything Carl said was wrong?

I went to his page: to see a picture of the construction, but there isn’t one. It’s just a blurry pic of Rt. 92.

This is not a shining day for vientology.


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One Response to “More like CalWrong, am i rite?”

  1. Jason Steele Says:

    Someone that wrong all the time could only be a Republican

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