Bad dining in Mobile

For the past 2 months I’ve been neck deep in my new startup (I’m not a found, but I am employee #5,  which is still the ground floor). We’re involved in green transportation, but beyond that, we’re still in stealth mode, so I can say no more.

I’m going down to Mobile about every week or so for face to face meetings; getting kind of bored with I-65, especially when there’s no time to go exploring.

On TV in Mobile, no matter where you turn, there are always these ads for a restaurant called Craig Sorrel’s, in Pine Grove. It looks like they’re filmed with a Flip cam in one take and uploaded to the TV station as is.

Luckily, one of the funders has lived there all his life and told me in no uncertain terms “don’t go there”, though we did drive by just for grins.

Basically Craig Sorrel thinks he’s Wolfgang Puck. There was a set of ads this trip where he claimed to “bring the taste of Old Italy to your palate” with a new appetizer: Fried Mozzarella Sticks. Now I used to work at a chain restaurant and I have an eye for menu items that are easy to freeze and microwave. These Mozz Sticks come from Sysco, frozen, in boxes of 250. Old Italy my ass.

Last year, Sorrel added nutritional information to his menu, one entree at a time, and would report updated progress in his radio ads. “What’s the point?” my colleague said.

We drove by the restaurant and the parking lot was empty. On a Saturday night. “It’s always like that,” said my colleague. “Nobody goes there.” A maitre d’ in a tux too small for him stood stiffly at the door.

Craig Sorrel’s latest ad makes me wonder if he’s gone funny in the head. “My bistro now has a dress code,” he intoned. “Effective today, for those without a jacket and tie, our host will redirect you to the side room and can only order from our lunch menu. For access to the full dinner menu, please upgrade to a jacket and tie! Please note that the lunch menu is designed primarily for casual eating. As such, it does not offer access to finer dining items, like boneless buffalo wings and our jalapeno poppers.”

Obviously Sorrel is unrecoverably delusional and should be put away for the safety of the community.



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