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Alabama Highway Resources

June 12, 2009

This one’s a simple post: a list of the best online resources for the highways of America’s #1 state (in the alphabet):

State Highways – Wikipedia

Dan’s Highway Pages – all routes

Alabama Highways – Chris Lawrence

Alabama Routes – Froggie (originally Dave Sturm)

Alabama State Highway Ends – also Froggie

Alabama State Highways – aaroads (lots of photos; very good)

Alabama US and Interstate Highways – aaroads (again, lots of good stuff)

Northwest AL Highways – Josh Spears

AL Road History – Joe Gillis

Alabama @ – 71 photos, 8 videos, and two WHL-360’s

Alabama Maps – U of A. Hundreds of historical maps, aerial photos, etc. Awesome.

AL state legislation lookup – for historical research

Thanks to everyone involved in the sites above. I hope this blog will someday be nearly as helpful.