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Congratulations Pens

June 15, 2009

Since Birmingham is the Pittsburgh of the South, I’ve often halfheartedly rooted for the Penguins of the Pittsburgh of the North. Congrats to them for winning 4 out of the last 5 to unseat Detroit. If you didn’t think that was a done deal after game 2, you’re lying.

Expect sports fans in the Burgh to be insufferable for a while, considering the Stillers are defending NFL champs, and they have Carnegie-Mellon, and I-376 was recently extended, and the city was rated #1 most livable in the US a while back.

Now I realize I have an accent, because I don’t sound like the Midwesterners and Californians that are allowed on TV. A bit of a Southern accent, some might say. But I’ve been to Pittsburgh, and the Iron City has a bit of a twang, too. It’s like the Midwest and the South start in that city, linguistically. If a trip there is in your future, check out where many of their unique idioms (“gum band”, “needs fixed”) are deciphered.

As for the Lakers: I’m not a Laker fan at all, and I guess I’m not an NBA fan either, since I was nonetheless rooting for the Lakers to sweep, for a quicker end. At long last, that death march of a season is finally over.