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Overrated / Underrated; Sine Salad

July 28, 2009

So which highways get too much love, or not enough?

Our boys at American Heritage have weighed in, a couple of times.

In 1998, Douglas Brinkley pontificated on a couple of Louisiana highways.

  • Overrated: I-10 in New Orleans, for its role in Claiborne Avenue “negro removal” (Randy Hirsch will disagree)
  • Underrated: US 61, for its role in history and the blues.

In 2002, Phil Patton chimed in:

  • Overrated: US 66.
  • Underrated: I-40. Because it crosses the country, and 66 doesn’t.

For my opinion, I could cite a couple of Alabama roads, but I’ll look cross country as well.

  • Overrated: US 66. Even though it was already mentioned.
  • Underrated: US 41. It’s a north-south route, does not reach a border, but is still 2,000 miles long. It goes from Miami to Tampa, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Chicago (Lake Shore Drive), Green Bay, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It’s going to become an interstate in Wisconsin, and will evenĀ keep its number. It also serves 6 NFL teams.

Moving on: Sine Salad.

This term, invented by a guy named Comrade Yamamoto, refers to a sign assembly with a large number of route markers. This one in North Carolina (11 markers) is a good example.

The movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (mediocre) had some action on the nonexistent I-67 which was supposed to be in New Jersey. Then a truck gets dissolved by nanobot bugs (sorry, spoiler) that then start to work on a fake highway sign:

Sine Salad in the Movies

Sine Salad in the Movies

Now, I’m just a dumb guy from Alabama. But I could not figure out where exactly this sign is supposed to be. If you can, drop me a line.