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WHL-360s in depth

June 22, 2009

Every time I show off a WHL-360 from Carl Rogers’, people ask “How in the hell did he do that?”

Often the word they use is “Why”, but they really mean “How”.

WHL-360 is a proprietary, immersive, virtual reality 3-D rendering technology from Instead of a photo, you have a 360-degree panorama that makes it look like you’re really there.

See US 89 in St. George Utah for an example.

Here’s how it’s done. First, run your photo through an ¬†FFT with appropriate Nyquist ratio. Then, take the inner product of its finite elements:

Kronecker Product, in the context of WHL-360

Kronecker Product, in the context of WHL-360

Then reconstitute it and package in a QuickTime codec. Sounds easier than it really is!

For user without Quicktime, there is an open source version called VH-360 (Virtual Highway 360) – see This way you can still enjoy on your Windows Mobile device.

Let’s start with a watermarked photo from Carl Rogers:

Watermarked NJ Highway photo

Watermarked NJ Highway photo

Then apply the VH-360 transformation. The result is of course not as mind-blowing as WHL-360, but you can still see the general effect:

NJ photo in WHL-180!

NJ photo in VH-360!

Cool. However, the watermark is illegible. No problem, just re-watermark it:

WHL-180 photo, with new embossed watermark

VH-360 photo, with new embossed watermark

That’s pretty sharp-looking, for an amateur effort. To see the real thing, go to